Stories from the front lines of an unplanned pregnancy.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Filthy hypocrite...

Okay, so I know I voiced some pretty loud opinions against people showing off their stupid sonogram pictures... But I am nothing if not shallow. And a hypocrite. So here, for your viewing pleasure (fat chance), are two more pictures from Little Man Anglim's first authorized photo shoot.

This one is entitled, The Quiet Rage of the Unseen Child

I call this one, Real Thugs Suck Thumbs*
(subtitled: Fool, do not make me pop this thumb out my mouth and bitchslap yo ass)

So there you have it, folks, the undeniable proof that I'm not just fat. Sure, that could still be just an enormous mound of undigested chocolate chip cookie dough... but if that's what's kicking around in my uterus, I've got far bigger problems than my binge eating.

With love and a wee little pecker,

*That hovering mass to the right of his nose is not some partially developed sister growing out of his eye socket (as I feared), but his other hand. The pimp hand. Way strong.

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